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ERB Top 10 (Season 1-4)

Epic Rap Battles of History has just wrapped up its 4th season. I was recently talking to a friend about my favorite Epic Rap Battles and it was an interesting enough conversation that I decided to go ahead and post the results here. 4078

Text Me Merry Christmas – Today on the Internet

So, as I was perusing Youtube (as I do) I came across this bit of Christmas Music from the a cappella band Straight No Chaser. The first thing that caught my eye was that the track features Kristen Bell. That's right, that Kristen Bell, the one that most of us didn't realize could sing until she was in Disney's Frozen. Well, she joins the group as the female voice for this "modern" Christmas song. 1748

Ambitious Newsies Medley One-Shot

The BYU acapella group "Vocal Point" performs this medley of songs from the Disney Broadway show and movie Newsies. If the singing wasn't hard enough the stage elaborate choreography using over 85 student performers from the university and then try to do everything in one shot.