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The Guild Season 6: It may or may not be the end, but it's definitely all good.

This show just gets better and better year after year. I started watching "The Guild" when it was in it's 2nd season and it's been a staple of my internet viewing ever since. If you're not familiar with the show, the basic premise is that it's a web series about a woman, Codex (played by Felicia Day), that makes real-life friends with the members of her online gaming guild. At first, I only recommended this show to friends of mine who were WOW players but now I think it's good enough and accessible enough that anyone with links to "nerd culture" would be able to enjoy the show. The recent season revolves around Codex getting a job working for the company that makes the game she and her guild-mates play. As expected, things go pretty terribly and the guild manages to get themselves involved at the company. Eventually the guild leader, Vork, ends up on top of a dragon statue leading a revolt against the powers that be (the game company) and that's just one of the story lines in this, the most recent season of the show. Every year the show seems to get stronger and stronger and this season is no exception. The actors are completely comfortable in their roles and the writers (which, I guess, is primarily Felicia) have done a great job at setting up a story line that uses the ensemble cast while still highlighting the individual characters and carrying several smaller story lines at the same