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The Sing-Off Season 4, Episode 2

For this episode, I'm going to do the performances by where I ranked them for this episode. 9. Element So, this performance didn't really give me very much to go off of. The group really took the notes about blending to heart but, as a result this really felt more like a choir singing the words to a song than a group doing a rendition of the song. The judges pleaded for some more individuality and they just barely made it out of the bottom two (which I thought they should've been in) so here's hoping they can improve in the weeks to come. 8. Street Corner Renaissnce You've gotta love the older dude's dancing. There's nothing wrong with this performance and if it wasn't being sandwiched between all these other modern and poweful performances it would've probably carried a lot more impact. It's just hard to feel the same when there's no percussion and they choose a slower song. So this is one that you have to appreciate on a more intellectual level than on an emotional one. Fortunately for them, the judges have the ability to appreciate a performance like this. I just wish that they hadn't had to perform something like this setting in the first place. 7. acoUstiKats So, this was the exact opposite of Vocal Rush tempo wise. Where the previous group pushed the original tempo and it worked, this group pushed the tempo and it felt like it never found its groove. However, the group saved its performance with some