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Marvel's Ultimate Spiderman TV Show is a fast fun take on your favorite webslinger

I may be in the minority of the people that this show is targeted at, but I still enjoy it. My first exposure to Spider-Man was through the 80's cartoon "Spider-man and His Amazing Friends", where Spidey teamed up with Firestar and Iceman (yes, the X-Man) to go to school and fight crime. This show feels like it could easily be the same kind of thing for a younger generation. Ultimate Spider-man centers around a 16 year old Peter Parker who's recruited to be trained by SHIELD (under Nick Fury) so that he can become the "Ultimate Spider-Man". He's joined by a team of other young super heroes: Nova, White Tiger, Iron Fist, and Power Man and together they go to high school (along with his best friends Mary Jane and Harry Osborne) and fight super villains while being trained by Nick Fury and Agent Colson (that's right everyone's favorite SHIELD agent is in this one). The show is much more humorous than any other Spidey show I've seen. There's a lot more cut-away, breaking of the 4th wall (think Deadpool), SD animations, Stan Lee cameos, and things like that. It actually feels a lot like a Spider-Man version of the Teen Titans show that aired on Cartoon Network a while ago. The show also has a ton of Marvel character cameos. Aside from the main cast the show introduces a other Marvel heroes: Thor, the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man are the obvious ones but there's a few less known