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The Sing-Off Season 4, Episode 3

So, I don't really approve of the 4 x 4 groupings. I really feel like these are 4 of the stronger groups in the competition and I could make an argument for them staying over 3 of the remaining 4 teams. That being said, here's the episode 3 rankings: 4. The Filharmonic This was a really good performance from the group and maybe the most "professional" looking thing they've done on the show. That being said, it may have been the least entertaining thing they've done in the first week of the show (so, I guess I agree with Ben Folds). The strange thing is that it's hard to say where the energy or entertainment value went. It felt like this was a really good performance from just another acapella group. This group definitely doesn't deserve to go home but this was definitely a lapse, hopefully it doesn't cost them more than just a trip to the bottom 2 in the long run. 3. Street Corner Renaissance There's something about these guys that just makes you want to hang out and sing with them. The performance is always on with this group. There was a little more personality injected into the performance with some little ad-libs and fill-ins. Ultimately, the group is still doing Doo-Wop, which is enjoyable but I'm afraid if they don't branch out soon, they may find themselves in the bottom 2 soon. 2. Ten Two distinctly different song styles in this one. I was prepared to just be okay with the first