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True Blood Season 6 Wrap-up

True Blood's sixth season has finally drawn to a close. I really have to wonder if this show has jumped the shark. I think I may be of the opinion that the show has actually jumped the shark and just hasn't quite landed on the other side yet. Over the past few seasons True Blood has existed as a set of seasonal story lines that seem to be almost completely self contained from season to season. This gives me the impression that the show runners are prepared for the show to be cancelled pretty much at any moment. Granted each season does end with some kind of cliff hanger but it's becoming more and more obvious that it's just a lead in to the next season's, almost completely unrelated, story line. It almost feels like a "monster of the week" kind of show, except being a "monster of the week" it's a monster of the season. And the monsters are slowly growing more and more ridiculous and less interesting. This season we got to deal with "Billith" a super powered version of Bill Compton that came to be after Bill consumed Lillith's blood. We don't really know what Bill is now (and neither does he) but we find out that he can't be staked, has telekinetic powers, and is still not able to walk in sunlight. But that's OK because we now have Warlow, the faerie vampire hybrid who's blood can allow vampires to walk in the sun...indefinitely (not really sure how