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The Voice is Producing Quality in it's 3rd Season

The Voice is NBC's answer to "American Idol". It's a show where contestants audition to be selected by one of four coaches for a team. The teams are then whittled down by different methods until only one person is left in the whole competition. I've been watching this show since it first came on television. I have enjoyed the show overall. The gimmick of the contestants being chosen only based on their voice made the audition process interesting. More importantly, the show was devoid of the "wannabes" that usually plague these kinds of shows. I realize I may be in the minority here, but I don't tune in to these shows to watch people who are bad at singing (or dancing or whatever the contest is about). The good about this show is it's talent pool. The contestants are talented and their coaches are active and visible members of the mainstream music scene. Every song isn't a hit, no one could expect that, but each season has it's own set of standout performances. The best thing is that the artists are pretty good about putting a unique spin on the songs. The bad about this show is that they have a tendency (at times) to make things too much about the coaches and gimmicks in the show. Aside from just having auditions and voting the voice has several ways of knocking out contestants. The most consistent knockout method has been the battle rounds. I do not like the battle rounds. The coaches