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The Big Bang Theory Season 7

Another stellar season of the Big Bang Theory has come and gone. The season saw a big change happen for the gang that's long been awaited. In case you missed it or forgot or something in between here's the episode by episode breakdown of what happened this season. The Hofstader Insufficiency. (B+) Leonard is still away working on an experiment. Sheldon and Penny bond over missing him. Sheldon actually opens up to Penny and lets him know that she hurt his feelings during a conversation. Penny and Sheldon times are always fun, and it was a good way to start off the season.Amy and Bernadette are away at a science convention and get into a disagreement after two men buy them drinks. Bernadette insults Amy when she says something disparaging about Sheldon. The two get over it when they realize that they're attracted to two strangers who resemble Sheldon and Howard.Raj is using his new found ability to talk to women when he attends a college mixer and has a moment with the recently divorced Mrs. Davis (who previously had to reprimand him for sexual harassment violations). Even though he has this moment, he's not going to do anything about it. The Deception Verification. (A) Leonard returns home early but doesn't tell Sheldon. Instead he tries to steal some alone time with Penny. When Sheldon finds out he gets mad at Leonard. Meanwhile, Howard accidentally gives himself a heavy dose of estrogen by applying his mom's ointment without using gloves. In an overly emotional