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Avengers: Age of Ultron

The next entry in the MCU and the last for Joss Whedon. Age of Ultron is an action packed superhero movie that, once again, features Whedon's wit. This review contains some spoilers, but I tried to leave the big stuff out. 3131

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel hits it out of the park with another installment into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Captain America: The Winter Soldier manages to pull of a successful paradigm shift in the MCU that will affect its other franchises and future films. On top of all of that it manages, first and foremost, to be an entertaining film and a strong entry into the existing collection of MCU films. Captain America: The Winter Soldier begins with Cap putting his skills to use as an agent of SHIELD. With more down time, he's adjusting to the future and all of the things he's missed. He also meets a fellow war veteran, Sam Wilson, who talks to him about adjusting to his new life. Of course, down time is brief and Cap is soon summoned for a mission by Nick Fury. Along with Black Widow and a small team, Cap has to recover a SHIELD sub that's been hijacked by pirates. During the mission, he finds out that Black Widow has been given separate orders by Fury, which ends up compromising the primary mission. Once he gets back to SHIELD, Cap has it out with Nick Fury about being able to trust the people he works with. Fury tries to convince him that there's a reason for the way SHIELD does things and ends up showing Cap a fleet of helicarriers. The idea is that these helicarriers, using Tony Stark's technology, will be able to stay in the sky indefinitely and launch preventative strikes against