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Power Rangers (2017)

Saban's Power Rangers, unlike it's litany of TV incarnations, is a reboot of the original series. It updates the story of how the original 5 rangers: Jason (Dacre Montgomery), Kimberly (Naomi Scott), Billy (RJ Cyler), Zack (Ludi Lin) and Trini (Becky G.);  become the teenage super heroes that we all know. 7557

Arrival (2016)

Amy Adams has another strong 2016 entry in this alien invasion movie. Based on Ted Chiang's "Story of Your Life", Arrival feels like a combination of Signs and Momento with a twist that's both inspiring and tragic. 7374

Rogue One (2016)

The next iteration of the Star Wars franchise, is its own standalone movie more than it is a part of the Star Wars Saga. Be warned, there are spoilers that follow. 7255

Star Trek Beyond

Justin Lin directs the most recent entry into the Star Trek franchise, written by Simon Pegg. Star Trek Beyond feels kind of like a TV episode more than a movie. 6840

Ghostbusters (2016)

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call, the movie that it seemed like everyone was ready to hate, plays like an alt-world counterpart to the original films. 6753

X-Men: Apocalypse

This X-Men movie left me with very mixed feelings. It manages to be a well above average X-Men movie, while being a disappointing movie about the X-Men. 6665

Jupiter Ascending

An original sci-fi  movie from the Wachowski siblings. For that alone, it should be praised. Unfortunately, it can't be praised for much else. 2283


Based on Scarlett Johansson's previous work in the MCU and the trailers for Lucy, you may expect this movie to be a summer action flick. If you go into this movie expecting that, you will be sorely disappointed. When watching the previews I thought that the premise sounded pretty similar to the film Limitless just with more action. As it turns out, it is similar to Limitless, just with a much more bare bones plot and some intense visuals. 1099

Brynhildr in the Darkness

If I had to think of one word to describe  Brynhildr in the Darkness it would be: tragic. Brynhildr in the Darkness is based on an ongoing manga of the same name. The anime was produced by the studio Arms Corporation (Elfen Lied, the Ikkitousen series) and directed by Kenichi Imaizumi. The show fits itself into the sci-fi, harem and horror genres; which is quite a combination. Even though it's only 12 episodes long and based on an unfinished property it still did a really good job of pulling me in. 680

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

It seems like this film pretty much existed for the sole purpose of setting up future endeavors for Spider-man. I hope that it turns out to be worth it because it surely resulted in a disappointing product from this movie. Amazing Spider-man 2 was a very poorly constructed movie that will, unfortunately, be saved in most viewers eyes by one very well executed scene. Before I go any further, be warned that the rest of this is going to be all spoilers all the time. 679