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Home Again (2017)

This quaint rom-com could've been called "My Four Husbands" or some version of "How Stella got her Groove Back" but for white, Gen-X suburbanites. 7826

Passengers (2016)

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence star in a Sci-Fi take on Castaway combined with a love story. It has some potentially confusing things to say about the actions that people will/should take for love and companionship. 7273

Cafe Society

At 80 years old, Woody Allen hasn't finished making movies just yet. His latest effort, Cafe Society, is a picturesque look at the path of romance that features a stellar cast. 6797

Mr. Right

If you're familiar with movies based on Max Landis scripts, you're probably aware that they aren't for everybody. Mr. Right is one of those movies. A comically wild take on the reformed hitman story starring Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell. 6663

Deadpool (2016)

After a tumultuous road to being made, Ryan Reynold's Deadpool film has been completed and released. The result is a movie that's almost everything that Deadpool and comic book movie fans could hope for. 6170

Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona)

Season 1 of Yona of the Dawn (YotD) has come and gone. It's a show with a lot of positives that's reminiscent of some older, long running, shows like Fushigi Yuugi. This first season really just sets the groundwork for the story. So, if it doesn't get a second season, this show will end up just being an entryway into the manga for viewers who want to complete the story. 3561


Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhh! Another harem trap! After watching anime for so long, I should probably better at screening what I watch so I can avoid certain genres. The first episode plays itself off like it's going to be something akin to the "Fate:" series. Then, in the intro to the second episode, it basically tells you "by the way, this is a Harem". Since the series is only 13 episodes long, I decided to soldier through it anyway. 257