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Agents of SHIELD: Beginning of the End – Season 1 Episode 22

Everything's set up and all that's left is to let the dominoes stall. It's the season finale and the confrontation between Garrett and Coulson is impending. Not all of the story lines from the series get wrapped up, but it's still a very entertaining episode and it encompasses a lot of things that make the Marvel Cinematic Universe great. Recap At the barbershop Coulson, Skye, May and Trip are in a firefight with Cybertek soldiers. May gets her hands on the Berserker staff and the team is able to fight their way out. Once they have a chance to regroup, Coulson informs them that they have a tracker on the plane but that they don't know where Fitz-Simmons are. He surmises that the best way to get them back is to find Garrett and take him down. To that end, they head straight to Cybertek. On the plane, Garrett's feeling the positive effects of the GH-325. He ripping doors off of walls and writing alien looking figures on things. Ward is concerned that Garrett's behaving erratically and starts to try to talk him out of leaving HYDRA now that he's got what he wants. Garrett seems more interested in whatever knowledge he obtained when the GH-325 was injected into him. Even though Ward is concerned, Raina seems to be right on board. She has a conversation with Garrett where she finally gets to ask him the question she wanted to know when she believed Garrett was clairvoyant: "What will I become". Apparently, the

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel hits it out of the park with another installment into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Captain America: The Winter Soldier manages to pull of a successful paradigm shift in the MCU that will affect its other franchises and future films. On top of all of that it manages, first and foremost, to be an entertaining film and a strong entry into the existing collection of MCU films. Captain America: The Winter SoldierĀ begins with Cap putting his skills to use as an agent of SHIELD. With more down time, he's adjusting to the future and all of the things he's missed. He also meets a fellow war veteran, Sam Wilson, who talks to him about adjusting to his new life. Of course, down time is brief and Cap is soon summoned for a mission by Nick Fury. Along with Black Widow and a small team, Cap has to recover a SHIELD sub that's been hijacked by pirates. During the mission, he finds out that Black Widow has been given separate orders by Fury, which ends up compromising the primary mission. Once he gets back to SHIELD, Cap has it out with Nick Fury about being able to trust the people he works with. Fury tries to convince him that there's a reason for the way SHIELD does things and ends up showing Cap a fleet of helicarriers. The idea is that these helicarriers, using Tony Stark's technology, will be able to stay in the sky indefinitely and launch preventative strikes against

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Turn, Turn, Turn – Season 1 Episode 17

Considering the events of the last weeks episode and incorporating the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, things are really looking bad for Coulson's team right now. It looks like this episode is taking place in parallel with the events of Captain America. There's a lot of parallels to the events of the movie, even down to repeating some lines from the film like "don't trust anyone" (and some more that are more spoiler-y). This whole post is gonna be full of spoilers, so if you haven't seen either theĀ  movie or the episode, the time to get out is now. Recap The episode picks back up with the stand off between May-Coulson-Skye and with the revelation of May's betrayal, Coulson's in no mood. Just to lump some more betrayal on top of the crap sundae that is this whole situation, May reveals that Fitz was also sending encrypted messages to someone. With no other options left, Fitz and May both lay their cards on the table. May claims that she's been reporting to Director Fury and Fitz explains that he and Simmons are still working on investigating the GH-325 cure. Coulson knocks may out and drops her in a cell with Ward, who grills her about being a mole. Elsewhere, Garret is attacked by SHIELD drones and comes back to the plane to get help from Coulson. Once Garrett's back on the plane, Coulson and Skye update him on the situation. They tell him that they believe that the Clairvoyant is