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Arrival (2016)

Amy Adams has another strong 2016 entry in this alien invasion movie. Based on Ted Chiang's "Story of Your Life", Arrival feels like a combination of Signs and Momento with a twist that's both inspiring and tragic. 7374


It feels weird to call a movie a "modern day Hunger Games" because that series is still relatively recent, but that's definitely what this is. Nerve is what the Hunger Games would be like if we had them in the current day instead of waiting for the future for it to happen. Instead of fighting to maintain the social order, people are putting their lives at risk to compete for social media notoriety. 6760

YuYu Hakusho

So, I didn't post anything for the month of November. This was largely because I decided to complement watching the entire One Piece series with the entire Yu Yu Hakusho series. Yu Yu Hakusho was a show I was aware of before. I had seen bits and pieces of it when it aired on Toonami back in the "good ol' days" but I always seemed to catch it in the middle of a fight and with no context I couldn't really get into it. I also didn't find the premise of a "Spirit Detective" to be too interesting at the time. Of course, once I watched the show I realized that a "Spirit Detective" isn't really what I thought it was. 339