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Mad Men: Field Trip – Season 7 Episode 3

So, this episode of Mad Men may be one of the most uncomfortable days at SC&P in recent memory. That's saying something considering all of the stuff that's gone on at this firm. Don Draper makes his not-so-triumphant return to work in this episode. As much as I'm sure fans were eager to see Draper actually return to his regular setting, his former co-workers seem equally distressed to see him. Following the events of the previous episode we know that Don's working on trying to fix things in his own life. The lead in to this episode has Don getting a call from Megan's manager to tell him about an episode she had after an audition. Don flies back out to California to check up on her. At first she's thrilled to see him that is, until she finds out why he's there. She becomes even more upset when he drops the news on her that he hasn't been working the whole time she's been out there. She's upset not because he lost his job, but because he's decided to stay in New York and not work instead of being out there with her. At that point she unceremoniously asks him to leave and go back to NY. Later in the episode Don does call her to try to explain himself again but it seems like Megan's not interested anymore. After Don's admission of how terrible a husband he was in the last episode, it's a little surprising to see him as