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The Family

On a whim, I decided to catch the Scorsese / Deniro film "The Family" before it was out of theaters. It's a fun movie that's identified as an "action / comedy". In reality it's a border line spoof sequel to "Goodfellas", in the same way that "Army of Darkness" is a spoof sequel to "The Evil Dead". If you haven't seen Goodfellas (and you probably should) all you need to know is that it was done by Scorsese, starred Robert Deniro, and one of it's major plot points is that one of the characters snitched on the mob. Although this movie isn't about that particular character it's about a former mafia boss turned informant (Deniro) who's living in the witness protection program with his wife Maggie (Pfeifer) and two kids Belle and Warren (Dianna Agron and John D'Leo). They even go so far as to have Deniro's character sit through a screening of "Goodfellas" with his handler (played by Tommy Lee Jones) and we get to hear Deniro's character start to recount bits and pieces of the characters lives. The movie's essentially a fish out of water scenario. You're taking an italian mob family and dropping them into Normandy France and having them react to situations in an over the top mafia manner. Which usually means with the destruction of property or with a severe, almost cartoon-ish, beating of one or more people. Calling it an action comedy seems a little bit strange because this movie doesn't really feel like an