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Now You See Me 2

The original Now You See Me was a great "watch in the middle of the day" kind of movie. All I really wanted from the sequel was to be just as good at being that kind of movie and, I think, they succeeded. 6737


Co-written by Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy, and directed by the later, Spotlight retells the true story of how the Boston Globe's Spotlight team uncovers the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese. 6315

Avengers: Age of Ultron

The next entry in the MCU and the last for Joss Whedon. Age of Ultron is an action packed superhero movie that, once again, features Whedon's wit. This review contains some spoilers, but I tried to leave the big stuff out. 3131

Sex Tape

Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz team up to show an example of how having kids will ruin your sex life and your ability to make good decisions. Sex Tape feels like it's trying to appeal to a similar (if maybe slightly older) demographic as Neighbors did earlier in the summer. It's an entertaining movie but it doesn't achieve the same level of hilarity that the earlier summer flick did. 1076

Begin Again

Originally released on the festival circuit in 2013, Begin Again has made its way to theaters in the summer of 2014. During what has been a bit of a lull in the Summer movie season, this movie was a refreshing feel-good movie with a lot of fun moments and a really good soundtrack. The story of Begin Again is fairly simple. Dan (Mark Rufallo) is a record exec with a broken family/personal life who's just been fired by the company that he helped found. As he's drinking his sorrows away, he overhears a song being played in a bar. The song is being performed by Gretta (Keira Knightley), who was pushed to perform the song by her friend Steve (James Corden). Gretta is fresh off of a break up with her boyfriend Dave (Adam Levine). Gretta followed Dave to America after his music career took off. As Dave adjusted to the trappings of fame he grew more distant and eventually cheated on Gretta, leaving her living with Steve and preparing to go back home. When Dan hears her play, he's able to imagine what her music could sound like and tries to sign her. After he tells her the truth and the two get to know each other, Gretta goes with Dan to his record label to pitch the idea of her doing a record. Dan's old partner isn't thrilled about the idea, but agrees to let her put together a demo. Instead of doing the Demo, Dan and Gretta decide