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Winners and losers for Comicbooks / Super Shows in Spring 2017

During the spring 2017 season, I put a moratorium on doing episode-by-episode write-ups on the TV shows I was following. I felt like there were starting to get to be too many shows and that too many of the ones I was doing write-ups on had become comic book based. Obviously, I love that genre, but I wanted to take a step back and remember what it was like watching those shows normally. I also figured that there's more than enough people doing up to the minute coverage of this whole genre. So, I sat back and watched, and here were my takeaways from the season. 7591

Jessica Jones

The second of Marvel's "street level" superhero series, Jessica Jones, focuses on another super powered person who exists in the MCU. This continuing the buildup to Marvel's team-up mini-series, The Defenders, is also continuing Marvel's trend of producing quality TV shows. 5608