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Suits: Season 5b

Well, I was wrong about Mike's arrest for fraud being a cliffhanger gimmick. The second half of season 5 of USA's legal drama finally forces the firm of Pearson Specter Litt to deal with the secret at the hart of Mike Ross' career.  6865


The Showtime series Dexter has been on my list of talked about shows to binge watch for a while now. With the recent holiday season I was finally able to get it checked off. 1907

Dexter – Season 6 – DDK

The Showtime series Dexter has been on my list of talked about shows to binge watch for a while now and I was finally able to get it checked off. Instead of going through the entire show as a whole, I'll do a little bit of a breakdown by season. Obviously, SPOILERS. 1945

Sword Art Online II – Episode 7 : Crimson Memories

After winning the BoB preliminary tournament, Kirito takes time to contemplate the situation with Death Gun and his own past actions. His friends and family are starting to notice that something is wrong with the young hero. Meanwhile, Sinon continues to contemplate her feelings about Kirito as Spiegel declares his feelings for her. 808

Game of Thrones: The Watchers on the Wall – Season 4 Episode 9

Well, here's a type of episode that we haven't seen in a while. Reminiscent of the Battle of the Black Water (and using the same director as that episode), this episode focuses solely on the battle at Castle Black since the Wildlings have finally made it there. Recap The recap for this one is going to be pretty straight forward. Mance Rayder's army is finally made it to Castle Black. They attack Castle Black on two different fronts and the Night's watch has to try to hold up against their two pronged attack. Since there wasn't anything else besides the battle in this one, there's not much to put in the way of "other things that happened". However, there was one weird moment before the battle starts where we see that Gilly actually walks right past the Wildlings camp with her baby on the way to Castle Black. It was just a kind of funny moment for me. Before the battle starts Sam gets Gilly inside the castle and hides her in a pantry or some kind of closet to keep her from being sent away. Once the battle begins, Sam and Jon are in the thick of things with their brothers falling all around them. Eventually, Jon becomes the leader of the Night's watch after those above him either flee or are killed. With the help of the other Night's Watch members, he manages to successfully hold Castle Black through the night. However, during the battle Ygritte and Jon finally come face