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Legend of Korra Season 2 – First Impressions

After what seems like an excessively long break, the Legend of Korra returned for its second season. It picks up some time after the events of season 1 and we see that life has continued for the Avatar and her friends. Korra is still training under the care of Tenzin, Mako is working for the police, Bolin is leading a team of new Fire Ferrets and Asami is working to rebuild her father's disgraced corporation. Oh, also, Korra's still trying to work out the full implications of the AvatarĀ state that we saw for likeĀ a whole minute at the end of season 1. The first episode, like many season premiers is focused on setting the table for the season. Although, this is actually a little unusual for the Avatar series. In the original "Last Airbender" series, each season felt like it flowed right in to the next one. This was probably because of the looming war and the consistent position of the Fire Nation members as Aang's nemesis. However, in the first season of Legend of Korra everything was kind of tied up with a nice little bow. So, in this season, we don't really know who Korra's going to be fighting or if there's any specific goal she's trying to meet. We do see that there's some new characters introduced that will likely begin to answer that question for us. We see some more of Aang's family when Tenzin's brother and sister show up. We also meet Korra's parents and her