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Bad Moms

For as much as Ghostbusters was being talked about as being the big movie of the summer for women, Bad Moms seems to be more of a movie where women really stand out. 6768

The Boss (2016)

This movie is little more than a Melissa McCarthy comedic vehicle. The little bit more comes from a solid supporting cast that helps keep the ship afloat. 6404

Text Me Merry Christmas – Today on the Internet

So, as I was perusing Youtube (as I do) I came across this bit of Christmas Music from the a cappella band Straight No Chaser. The first thing that caught my eye was that the track features Kristen Bell. That's right, that Kristen Bell, the one that most of us didn't realize could sing until she was in Disney's Frozen. Well, she joins the group as the female voice for this "modern" Christmas song. 1748

Frozen: It's not what I thought it would be

I had a pretty strong preconception of what I thought "Frozen" would be.  After seeing the previews for Disney's new animated film over the past year, which mostly featured an animated snowman, I had figured that this would be something along the lines of "Ice Age" with winter objects being animated and given voices. Given that thought process, I'm not exactly sure what possessed me to go watch this movie. But, I'm glad I did. This is a delightful and enjoyable "classic" Disney animated musical that introduces a new Disney Princess(es?) into their already expansive library of characters.  353