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The Flash: Back to Normal – Season 2 Episode 19

After Zoom stole Barry's speed, everyone is moving in a bit of a different direction. Zoom has taken Caitlin back to his lair on Earth-2. Barry is adjusting to not having his powers again. Wells is doubling down on his efforts to find Jesse now that Zoom can move between Earths again. Wally wants Joe to set up a meeting between he and the Flash so that he can thank him for saving his life. 6490

Arrow: The Man Under the Hood – Season 2 Episode 19

After Slade's more indirect assaults on "Team Arrow" in recent episodes, he's taking the fight to them more directly. They're not taking it lying down though and they're trying to find ways to fight back, but will they be able to? Recap After Isabel Rochev's takeover of the Queen family business, "Team Arrow" goes on the offensive. Donning standard black gear and ski-masks they blow up a whare house full of tech so that Slade can't use it build his Mirakuru army. Later Oliver and Moira are informed that they need to take steps to secure their family's assets. Unfortunately, that means they need their signatures as well as Thea's. As we know, Thea isn't really talking to the family after Slade dropped the bomb about who her father really is. Oliver is searching for Thea but has to abandon that search when Deathstroke suddenly appears in the lair and attacks all the team. He quickly takes down Sarah, Diggle and Oliver and ends up sending Sarah to the hospital with a hairline fracture. Laurel, who's still reeling from Slade telling her that Oliver is "The Arrow", shows up at the hospital to find Sarah and Oliver and starts to piece things together in her mind. It's become a lot more important to Laurel to figure out who "The Arrow" is because of her father being locked up for not giving up his identity. After leaving the hospital, Oliver does eventually find Thea, but she's in no mood to hear anything about the