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Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 23 : Kill the Emperor

It's the penultimate episode and, to be honest, they're running out of people to kill. So, why not the emperor? Of course, we all know that the Emperor isn't the real problem; it's Minister Onest. So, Najenda gives the 4 remaining members of Night Raid their final mission: Kill the Minister. 3558

Game of Thrones: The Children – Season 4 Episode 10

It's a sad day when we get to the season finale of Game of Thrones. Mostly because it means that there's going to be another several months before we see a new episode. Love it or hate it, this is one of the best put together TV shows that's on the air right now. Recap After leaving Castle Black, Jon Snow arrives at Mance's camp and announces that he's been sent to discuss terms with him. Mance greets him in a surprisingly cordial manner given the situation. The two sit down to talk under the guard of Mance's men; talk about the loses that each have sustained and drink to their memories. When it gets down to it, Mance is really only interested in getting his people past the wall and away from the White Walkers. Just as he's offered Jon Snow a peaceful arrangement to let them pass, the camp is invaded by an army of men on horseback led by Stannis Baratheon. Apparently, he went straight to the wall from Braavos. At Jon Snow's advisement, Stannis takes Mance and the Wildlings into custody. By the end of the episode, it's still unclear how this situation will resolve itself. We do know that Jon is safe and that Stannis is now in charge of the wall and has brought Melisandre with him. Jon also says his final goodbye to Ygritte when he burns her body north of the wall. Back in King's Landing we get started off with a Cersei bomb. It