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John Wick

John Wick is the best American action film I've seen in recent memory and you should see it if you like action movies. Now, after that, I also have to point out that the two big qualifiers in that statement are "American" and "if you like action movies". 1543

47 Ronin

So, I don't think there's anyway to go see this movie and not immediately recall Tom Cruise's "The Last Samurai" if for no other reason than the movie features an all Japanese cast and one white guy who's name can add some draw to the movie. By the end of this, I felt myself realizing that "The Last Samurai" handled things much better. Not in the way of making the whole Japanese-white-guy thing work (I think this movie actually did that better), but just in the sense of making an enjoyable movie. "47 Ronin" takes a traditional Japanese tale and tries to update it for the big screen but, in my opinion, they did too much to it to leave it as the classic story and not enough to make the changes worth it. 356