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Obvious Child

Obvious Child is a film that could be thought of as the "indie" version of Knocked Up that deals with a sensitive subject surrounding unexpected/unwanted pregnancy. It's an adorably awkward romantic comedy with a sense of humor that's honest, innocent, a little dark and, overall, charming. The film was written and directed by Gillian Robespierre and features Jenny Slate (known from a brief stint on SNL) as Donna Stern, a 28 year old struggling stand-up comedian in NYC. Before I talk about the movie, I should offer a warning that this review contains a spoiler in the form of a singular, but important, fact about what the plot of the movie centers around. The film leads off with a short stand-up set from Donna where she talks about her life. She addresses a lot from her unladylike ways to her relationship status. Of course, the relationship ends right after her set when her boyfriend tells her that he's been sleeping with a friend of hers. Donna goes into a bit of a depression before hooking up with a new guy, Max, played by Jake Lacy (The Office).  Their one night stand turns into an unexpected surprise when Donna finds out she's pregnant. Donna decides to have an abortion. Later, Max, who's unaware of the situation, comes back around and tries to start a legitimate relationship with her. Donna's left struggling to figure out what to do with Max's advances and whether or not she should tell him that she's pregnant with his child