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How I Met Your Mother Series Review

I've been watching HIMYM for a few years now and it's been an enjoyable show. Good enough to keep me around for the entire 9 season run. In case you're unaware, HIMYM is a story (or series of stories) being told by a father (Ted Mosby) to his children about how he met their mother. The story spans the course of basically 9 years, while jumping around into the future and the past. The stories revolve around his friends Marshall, Lily, Robin, Barney and eventually "The mother". During its run, the show has had highs and lows, but has remained mostly on the highs. Even at it's worse moments, the show would produce an episode that had one or two funny moments but was ultimately just not memorable. At it's best the show was a playground for a cast with great chemistry that generated lots of memorable scenes, running gags and phrases. Here's some of my favorite "spoiler free" moments from this series: Have you met _______ "Legendary" The slap bet "Lawyered" Barney's job The Playbook(s) Countless romantic relationships that were promising and ultimately doomed that lead to a seemingly countless number of heart fealt and touching moments. An in apartment sword fight "You son of a beach" The cockamouse "Pause" Guest Stars (especially the family members) The blue french horn It's also hard to tell how things are going to end up for the characters. Throughout the series Ted, Barney and Robin all have different relationships and even though you know that Ted is going to meet "The Mother" we don't find out who

How I Met Your Mother: Last Forever (Spoilers Galore)

In a previous post, I wrote about my thoughts on the HIMYM series as a whole. Now it's time to get into what may have been the juiciest moment of the entire series: the finale. My reaction to the season finale was really similar to Lily and Marshall's reaction to seeing Ted back in New York. Outrage followed by immediate acceptance. As I phrased it in a FB post: "The show runners are bastards, and I like it". When I was thinking of how to best express this in words I was imagining myself as Marshall and Lily walking into the bar when they saw Ted after the wedding. Our conversation would've sounded something like this: Me: "Are you kidding me! Ted, you don't end up with the mother!?!?" Ted: "Oh, yeah, I'm not doing that" Me: "What, Why?!?!" Ted: "I met a girl" Me: "You son of a beach! What is the matter with you! How could you put me through that! You made us sit through a season long Barney/Robin WEDDING! It took me forever to accept and it was emotional draining. Who is this girl anyway?" Ted: "It's Robin" Me: "Oh yeah! She's great! You guys should've always been together." The finale starts off at the wedding reception with the gang saying their goodbye's and Ted preparing to move to Chicago. As we all know, he meets The Mother (who we find out is named Tracy) at a train station when leaving the wedding. Of course, this causes Ted to stay in NY and when