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Glee Season 5 – The End of Glee Club and the New York Era

Glee has always been a unique show, making interesting decisions even from their pilot. In case you don't remember Glee aired their pilot episode months before the rest of the first season aired, which raised a lot of eyebrows. However, no decisions made by the show runners has led to the demise of this still beloved show. When the show began it was almost a parody of what television had become but, as time grew on, it began to resemble the very thing that it had mocked all along. I guess the Batman line saying "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain", also holds true for TV shows. However, with the announcement that the show will likely end its run after its next season, this season felt like a turn in the right direction. Admittedly, the show is not what it once was. The cast has fluctuated and numbers have gone down over the years (as they do with almost any show). The show was plagued by incoherent continuity, over the top characters, some cringe-worthy story lines and a clumsy handling of character development/progression. All the while, keeping itself afloat with chart topping musical sales and die-hard fan support. Now, in its 5th season, Glee has had a major paradigm shift brought on, in part, by the death of leading man Corey Monteith. Show runner Ryan Murphy has made it publicly known (both in interviews and even in dialogue from the show) that the

Glee faces an incredible challenge, and pulls it off

Tonight was the night that Glee fans have been looking forward to and dreading for months. The episode "The Quarterback" was the show's send off to the character Finn Hudson who was played by Corey Monteith, the actor who passed away earlier this year. The death was ultimately attributed to drug addiction and hit almost everyone involved with the show hard. I was very curious to see how they would handle this situation on the show. Obviously, it wasn't something that they could just brush under the rug. Finn, although no longer a series regular was still an important character and Monteith was beloved by the fan base. A fan base that, for better or worse, takes ownership and support of their celebrities to a level above and beyond what some would say is "normal". A fan base as vigorous as this was surely going to need some kind of help, some kind of catharsis, some kind of closure. This meant that Glee was going to have a captive audience and a platform to potentially talk about a few subjects, all that remained (for me) was to see how they would use it. Now, in the past I've been critical of several of the ways that Glee has chosen to handle portraying certain social issues. I didn't like the way that Kurt was portrayed as a "predatory gay", I didn't like the whole "catfishing" scenario, and I was particularly put off by the whole "school shooting" episode. So, needless to say, I

Glee Rips Off JoCo

So, I watch Glee. I don't know if I would say I'm a fan of the show as much as an interested observer. One thing I do actually enjoy about the show is hearing original covers of songs. So when a friend of mine, who is a huge Gleek and Klainer (I think that's what they call themselves) sent me a link to the early release of a new Glee cover of  Sir MixALot's "Baby Got Back", I was a little confused because it sounded a lot like a cover I had heard before. No sooner did I think this than I saw a tweet from Jonathan Coulton confirming my suspicion. Coulton (or JoCo as he is sometimes known) had done a cover/parody of this song several years ago and Glee pretty much took his cover note for note without even consulting him, let alone compensating him. Because I hadn't heard the JoCo cover of the song in a year or so, I had to go back and listen to it again. Then, just for fun, I recorded some of the playback from both versions and layered them over the top of each other (no edits or augmentation) and found that the songs are almost identical. Aside from a little difference in phrasing you can barely hear where one version ends and the other begins. You can listen to the excerpt here, it's funny but they actually compliment each other pretty well. Joco feat Glee - Baby Got Back (side by side) Now,