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Arrow: City of Blood – Season 2 Episode 21

The end of last week's Arrow left Oliver broken physically and mentally after Slade murdered his mother right in front of him. This week's episode is a lot about him recovering from that and finally starting the confrontation with Slade's Mirakuru army. Recap The episode begins with Moira's funeral. Oliver is nowhere to be found and the rest of his friends and family are left to grieve alone. At the same time Sebastian Blood is being sworn in as the new mayor of Starling City. It's clear that Thea is still upset at Oliver and now blames him for not warning them about his relationship with Slade. Isabel Rochev also makes an appearance at the funeral and threatens Diggle and Felicity. After the funeral Felicity and Diggle go searching for Oliver. With Roy still sedated on venom and Sarah MIA, they are really Oliver's only allies at the moment. After they exhaust their own resources they seek help from Amanda Waller and ARGUS. Waller is typically uninterested until Diggle gives her the 411 on Slade's army. That gets Waller's attention and she leads them to Oliver's "fortress of solitude". Oliver tells them that he's decided to end things by surrendering to Slade. Felicity and Diggle are try to talk him out of it but Oliver seems to be out of ideas. He goes back home to see Thea, who tells him that she's decided to leave the city and Oliver agrees that she should. From there, he calls Isabel and tells her to meet

Mad Men: A Days Work – Season 7 Episode 2

If last weeks episode could make you pity someone, this episode seemed like it was almost trying to make us angry at some of the characters. Surprisingly the only characters who really seem to turn make a positive turn in this episode is Don and Sally Draper. Everyone else, especially the women seem like they're either being racist, bigots or otherwise generally deplorable or frustrating. In this episode it just so happens to be Valentine's day. Peggy seems to be pushing people farther and farther away at the office. She's particularly abrasive and it's getting to the point where people are openly speaking out against her. It's a big change from the Peggy we first saw, who was a bit of an office darling. When Peggy walks in to the office and sees a big batch of roses on her receptionist's desk, she immediately assumes that they are for her and from Ted and goes on the warpath. She makes a passive aggressive phone call to Ted in California and spends most of the episode in a general huff. There's really no way around noticing that this episode really makes her look like well, let's say a "witch". This leads to a particularly interesting conversation between Dawn and Shirley, which may be the only time that two black characters have had an extended conversation on the show. The whole episode carries a lot of subtexts about race and gender in the workplace and the time. Some of it is more light