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New Girl Season 3

After building up to the Nick and Jess relationship for the first two seasons, season 3 of Fox's comedy New Girl starts with them finally together. The season took us on roller coaster ride of their relationship. Unfortunately, the relationship seemed to have more lows than highs both for the characters and the audience. Recap When Season 2 ended, Cece's wedding had been aborted and Nick and Jess' relationship had just begun. Winston also had a kind of girl friend. Everything was weird but good for most of the characters. Actually, lets just say that things ended weirdly but in a positive way. Anyway, as season 3 begins with the thing that fans of the show have been wanting for two seasons: Nick and Jess in a relationship. Unfortunately, Schmidt can't make a decision after being presented with an ultimatum by the two women he's in love with. After a couple of episodes of watching him try to juggle two relationships things end the only way they really could: with Schmidt alone. Winston is also alone after breaking things off with Daisy. That leaves Nick and Jess as the lone couple in the series and Schmidt vowing to break them up. It also, somehow, left Winston pretty much dating a cat. The next block of the season deals a lot with Nick and Jess discovering their relationship and Schmidt and Winston just kind of being weird. They find different ways to feel weird but the weirdness is pretty consistent. Eventually Schmidt even moves out

New Girl may be the funniest thing on TV right now

So, I haven't written anything for most of the month of February. Mostly because my regular TV scheduling was interrupted by award season and intermittent weekly breaks. However, during that time, I did get reacquainted with Fox's Comedy "New Girl." For some reason, I have watched this show since it's pilot episode. Everything in me told me to stay away from any show that used the term "adorkable" to describe its lead. I was hesitant to say I liked the show as it fumbled awkwardly through it's first few episodes. Even so, I kept watching and, eventually, realized that this may be the funniest show on television  right now. 172