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Winners and losers for Comicbooks / Super Shows in Spring 2017

During the spring 2017 season, I put a moratorium on doing episode-by-episode write-ups on the TV shows I was following. I felt like there were starting to get to be too many shows and that too many of the ones I was doing write-ups on had become comic book based. Obviously, I love that genre, but I wanted to take a step back and remember what it was like watching those shows normally. I also figured that there's more than enough people doing up to the minute coverage of this whole genre. So, I sat back and watched, and here were my takeaways from the season. 7591

Gotham: Season 2 Episodes 1 & 2

I had a luke warm feeling about Fox's Gotham after its first season, so I waited a week to jump back into it. Season 2 is going under the moniker, "Rise of the Villain". It's first two episodes take the show in a bit of different direction with "Damned if You Do..." and "Knock Knock". 4734