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Suits: Leveraged – Season 4 Episode 4

Harvey brings Louis in to help with the fight against Mike and it doesn't go well (as you'd probably expect). Jessica and Jeff confront a new threat from the SEC now that Eric is out of the way. Meanwhile, Rachel works with Logan on another project. 1113

Mad Men: The Monolith – Season 7 Episode 4

I was thinking that Don had had a plan for how he was going to make his grand return to SC&P, but it looks like I was wrong. This episode shows us just how far he's fallen not only in his status, but in his status at his old firm. Meanwhile, Roger has to deal with a situation with his daughter. One that, it seems, only Roger Sterling could find himself in. Recap Roger finds out, from his ex-wife and son-in-law, that his daughter has run off with a commune. They don't know why as the son-in-law isn't divulging all the information, but Rogers ex-wife is insistent that Roger go get his daughter. Instead, Roger decides to let her husband go try to get her back. Unfortunately, this fails when he gets arrested, leaving Roger and his ex to go find their daughter. When they get there they find that their daughter has taken a new name and is basically living with a bunch of hippies. After trying the standard high society approach to getting her daughter back, Roger's ex storms off and takes the car. Roger opts to stay behind and try a gentler approach. He spends the rest of the day and night with his daughter at the commune doing drugs and having some father/daughter time. In the night, his daughter goes off to have sex with one of the other commune members and it seems like Roger has had enough. The next morning he tries to forcibly remove his

Game of Thrones: Oathkeeper – Season 4 Episode 4

This week’s episode picks up back in Meereen. The slaves are pondering the possibility of freedom following Daenerys. They're understandably hesitant to take on their masters who earlier nailed 100+ children to stakes on the road in order to make a point. After some choice words from Grey Worm, well choice words and swords, the slaves overthrow their masters and Daenerys takes the city. Daenerys continues to prove herself a more brutal conqueror when she retaliates by having the former masters pinned alive in the same way. Jorah advises her against it and it looks like he might be starting to become concerned by Daenerys' behavior. Back on the main land, Jaime is still training with Bronn. During a break, Bronn convinces Jaime to go see Tyrion and tells him that Tyrion believed in Jaime so much that he had named him as his champion back at the Eyrie. It's funny that Bronn of all people seems to be guilt tripping Jaime in to going to see  his own brother. All of the conversations between Jaime and Tyrion are great on screen. They can always find a way to make even the direst situations a little lighter with their speech. My favorite line from this particular exchange was Tyrion's, "The King Slayer Brothers, what do you think of that?". The whole conversation was also a rehashing of where we stand as far as finding out the true identity of the killer. No one (aside from Cersei and Tywin) seem to believe