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Arrow: Unthinkable – Season 2 Episode 23

Arrow's season finale definitely lived up to the expectations raised by the rest of the season and manages to troll its fan base all at the same time. The episode has not one, but two, final confrontations between Oliver and Slade. The impending doom of Starling City has also brought back a lot of major players including: Merlyn, Roy, Waller, the Suicide Squad, Nyssa and the League of Assassins. Everyone comes together to try to save what they care about in a deluge of bullets, swords, fists and arrows (so many arrows). Recap The episode is split between the final confrontation between Slade and Oliver on the island and in Starling City. On the island, Oliver and Slade have their first final confrontation. On the ship Slade's starting to lose it and Oliver, once again, tries to sacrifice himself to Slade but it fails when the ship is hit by the torpedo that Oliver had planned for. As the ship is going down, Slade, Sarah and Oliver duke it out on the ship. Slade knocks Sarah into some running water and she drops out of sight (presumably falling back into the ocean). As the fight reaches its climax some beams from the collapsing sub fall on top of Slade leaving him pinned and Oliver standing over him with an arrow in one hand and the cure in another. While trapped Slade is still raving about making Oliver suffer. Oliver reacts and stabs Slade through the eye with his arrow and leaves him