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Agents of SHIELD: Beginning of the End – Season 1 Episode 22

Everything's set up and all that's left is to let the dominoes stall. It's the season finale and the confrontation between Garrett and Coulson is impending. Not all of the story lines from the series get wrapped up, but it's still a very entertaining episode and it encompasses a lot of things that make the Marvel Cinematic Universe great. Recap At the barbershop Coulson, Skye, May and Trip are in a firefight with Cybertek soldiers. May gets her hands on the Berserker staff and the team is able to fight their way out. Once they have a chance to regroup, Coulson informs them that they have a tracker on the plane but that they don't know where Fitz-Simmons are. He surmises that the best way to get them back is to find Garrett and take him down. To that end, they head straight to Cybertek. On the plane, Garrett's feeling the positive effects of the GH-325. He ripping doors off of walls and writing alien looking figures on things. Ward is concerned that Garrett's behaving erratically and starts to try to talk him out of leaving HYDRA now that he's got what he wants. Garrett seems more interested in whatever knowledge he obtained when the GH-325 was injected into him. Even though Ward is concerned, Raina seems to be right on board. She has a conversation with Garrett where she finally gets to ask him the question she wanted to know when she believed Garrett was clairvoyant: "What will I become". Apparently, the

Samurai Flamenco: Episodes 21-22

Words cannot express just how dumbfounded I was by the conclusion of this series. While I was watching these episodes I was just at a complete loss for words or thoughts other than, "well this is really awkward." Samurai Flamenco has proven itself to be a show with several layers. However, the topmost layer consistently seems to be one that could only be described as some kind of lunacy. Recap Sawada continues his attacks on Samurai Flamenco's comrades but, fortunately, no one is fatally injured. Hazama consults his mentor about the situation in order to try to find a way to defeat Sawada. He is comforted to learn that his mentor can confirm Sawada's actual existence (which means he isn't crazy) but is confused when he tells him that the key to defeating Sawada is love. Hazama openly admits that he has little experience with love and consults some people to try to get his head around the concept (and ultimately fails). We also are shown some more details about Goto's failure to cope with his girlfriends death. We see how he came to have the phone and how those around him seemed to pity him even though there was little to be done to help or comfort him. The point of this is to let us know how bad things are going to get when Sawada kidnaps Goto and deletes the emails and contacts from his phone, essentially erasing his "girlfriend." Sawada reveals that he wants to turn Samurai Flamenco into a