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In the past year I started to do an episode by episode review of the USA original series, Psych. Then I found out that after its 8th season, the show was calling it quits. It was a somewhat abrupt announcement, but I decided that I was going to discontinue my episode reviews and just wait for things to wrap up and do one big series review for this, a show that's been in my regular viewing rotation for years. Psych is USA Network original, comedic crime procedural. What makes this show unique is that it chronicles the adventures of a fake psychic, Shawn Spencer (James Roday), and his side kick Burton Guster, aka Gus (Dule Hill). The show previewed back in 2006, before similar shows like CBS's The Mentalist, TNT's Castle or Fox's Lie To Me jumped on the "hyper-observant police consultant" trend. Of course, you could argue that these things are all derivative of Sherlock Holmes, but that's another conversation. What was special about Psych was it's combination of the genre with it's special brand of humor that worked around wittiness, bantering, and oh so many retro and pop culture references. When the show began the premise was very simple. Shawn was an underachieving man child who was only interested in women and his bike. His father, Henry, was a over dedicated police detective who had drilled his skills of observation and deduction into his son when he was young. As an adult, Shawn would occasionally, use the detective skills his father