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Mad Men: Severance – Season 7 Episode 8

After half a year on hiatus, Mad Men returns with it's final 7 episodes. To be honest, I struggled to jump back into the storyline after such a long break, but I think I'm finally back on track. Recap After Roger's bold move to save Don's job and his control over his own company, things seem to have gotten back to normal. The episode opens with Don and the rest of the SC&P guys (I'm assuming the company is still called that) interviewing sexy models for a fur coat ad. It looks like Megan and Don are going through with a divorce after their weird conversation in the last episode. Don's wasting no time in resuming his philandering ways in light of his new freedom. Then Don and Roger take out some of those models to a diner after the auditions. The newly mustachioed Roger manages to insult the waitress, who seems to remind Don of someone. To make up for it (and to show off to his dates), Roger leaves her a huge tip. Still, Don can't keep his eyes off the woman, whose name is Diana. The firm is also handling several different clients. Joan and Peggy are working with Topaz pantyhose, who are being beaten out by the Leggs brand. They can't come up with a plan at first, but Don gives Joan the idea that they could help by making Topaz a store brand instead of trying to market them on their own. That sends Peggy and Joan into


The Showtime series Dexter has been on my list of talked about shows to binge watch for a while now. With the recent holiday season I was finally able to get it checked off. 1907

Dexter – Season 6 – DDK

The Showtime series Dexter has been on my list of talked about shows to binge watch for a while now and I was finally able to get it checked off. Instead of going through the entire show as a whole, I'll do a little bit of a breakdown by season. Obviously, SPOILERS. 1945

Mad Men: Waterloo – Season 7 Episode 7

Everything starts to fall into place in the mid-season finale of the AMC's Mad Men. With Cutler seemingly becoming more and more determined to get Don out of the agency, Roger makes a big play to try to save him and control of the company. Meanwhile, Peggy is put front and center on the Burger Chef campaign. All of this happens over the backdrop of American astronauts landing on the moon for the first time. Recap When the episode starts off Bert is at home watching the Apollo 11 launch. Ted is flying an airplane with the representatives from Sunkist. As the clients remark about the launch, Ted cuts the engines in the plane and makes it sound like he wants to die. This leads to a very concerned call from Cutler followed by angry shouting from Pete about not trying to kill their clients. Ted tells Cutler that he doesn't want to do advertising anymore and that he wants him to buy him out. After that meeting, Cutler's approached by Lou who tells him that the Commander cigarettes deal is dead. Lou complains that this (and Don) are ruining his reputation in the tobacco industry. Cutler lashes out at him and tells him that he's just a hired hand and to get back to work. Pete, Harry, Don and Peggy are doing actual work and putting together their presentation for Burger Chef. Harry's moping because they're not showing a picture of the new computer (because I guess that's important) and Peggy is