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2 Slow Versions of Modern R&B Classics Featured in Film Trailers

When you go to the movies a lot it's impossible to completely avoid seeing trailers. When you go a lot in the same time frame, you're bound to see the same trailers over and over again. In the past month or so, two trailers have had music that has caught my attention. The first is Birdman, which uses a slow version of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy". The 2nd is the preview for 50 Shades of Grey, which uses a slowed down version of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love". 3196

Mad Men: The Runaways – Season 7 Episode 5

Every now and the Mad Men breaks from it's usually subtle tone and gives us some big "WHAT!!!!" moments. This episode gives us two: one with Don & Megan and another with Peggy and Ginsberg. There's going to be some weird/uncomfortable morning afters for the characters after this episode. Recap When the episode starts off Don gets a phone call from Stephanie (played by Caity Lotz, aka Sara from Arrow), the niece of his late friend and namesake, Anna Draper. Stephanie is pregnant and broke in California and calls Don for help. Don sends him to Megan (who seems oddly hospitable) to give her a place to stay until he gets there. Megan and Stephanie talk for a while and Megan does her best to take care of Stephanie. When Stephanie mentions (and not in a malicious way) that she knows all of Don's secrets, Megan gets uncomfortable and writes Stephanie a check for $1000 and sends her away. At SC&P, Stan and the other creative guys find a comic drawn by Lou on the copier. It's a source of entertainment for them until Lou overhears them mocking it in the bathroom. During their next meeting Lou, goes on a tirade about people making fun of someone with a dream, or some other such self-important tripe. Trying to flex his "boss muscles" he has everyone working late, including Don who was on his way to see Stephanie in California. After turning down managerial advice from Don, Lou finally calms down and lets everyone