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There's a list of shows that I've had recommended to me over the years that, for several reasons, I just don't watch. By the time I found out about Weeds, I was already well into Breaking Bad and the show was already several seasons in. In addition, it was on Showtime and I've just never had that channel. So all of these factors caused me put the show on the back burner and, this past month, I took it off. Weeds centers around Nancy Botwin, a recently widowed suburban mother who starts dealing weed to other suburbanites in order to maintain her family's lifestyle. She is joined by a, frankly, bizarre cast of characters: her crooked accountant Doug (played by Kevin Nealon); her fake best friend Celia (as well as her husband and lesbian daughter); her brother in law Andy; her two sons, Shane and Silas; and a constantly changing cast of gangsters, marijuana growers, law enforcement officials, and other things that you'd expect in that occupation. Nancy seems to constantly find her way into bad situations, sometime because of her and sometimes because of her friends and enemies. However, she tries to make the best of it and get her way out of it, sometimes with more gangster-like behavior and sometimes (more often than you would think would work) by just sleeping with someone, and it makes for a fun, sexy, and weird ride. The first thing I should say about the show is that I will probably have the song

My Top 7 Breaking Bad Moments

There are 3 episodes left of AMC's hit show, "Breaking Bad". This has been one of my favorite shows since I picked it up 3 years ago. It's smart, engaging and gives you just a ton of stuff to talk and speculate about. Even with the new season running I've avoided writing anything about it because there's just too much to say. However, with end of the series looming I've decided to write about my 7 favorite moments from Breaking Bad. Since, you  know, 7 is the number of completion...that's a normal thing right? Oh, also, minor spoilers ahead if you haven't caught up with the current season. But really you should've caught up by now ;). #7 The Death of Gus Gus Fring seemed to be the perfect nemesis for Walter White. Every bit as intelligent and calculating as Walt and with lots more resources and experience. His entire plot line is worth the price of  admission on this show. He starts out as Walt's employer and benefactor but, eventually the two are at odds. And, as we know, when you're at odds with Heisenburg, eventually you end up dead. Ultimately, Walt sets a trap that kills two of the men that are the biggest threats to him. #6 The Tarantula Kid Out of all the "villains" that Breaking Bad has introduced, Todd is easily the most unsettling. At first, I wasn't really sure why, he seemed like a normal enough kid (well for this situation). He showed up, followed orders, and seemed to