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The Showtime series Dexter has been on my list of talked about shows to binge watch for a while now. With the recent holiday season I was finally able to get it checked off. 1907

Dexter – Season 1 – The Ice Truck Killer

The Showtime series Dexter has been on my list of talked about shows to binge watch for a while now and I was finally able to get it checked off. Instead of going through the entire show as a whole, I'll do a little bit of a breakdown by season. Obviously, SPOILERS. 1931

Being Human: Series Finale

Being Human, SyFy's American take on a British property of the same name, came to an end last night with the 13th episode of its 4th season. Rarely are series finales a home run, as was recently evidenced by the HIMYM finale, so I was nervous going into this one fearing that I would see another finally that would prove to be divisive for the fan base. While I understand that no finale can please everybody, I think that this finally did a very good job of being something that the majority of its fans would enjoy. Summary Ramona now has Aidan thoroughly entranced in rage. Just as he's about to snap Josh's neck (the same way Sally had seen him do in the past) Sally teleports herself, Nora and Josh into the basement so they can form a plan. Thinking, quickly (and perhaps hastily) Sally disables Aidan and then sacrifices herself to make him human again, which also breaks Ramona's hold over him. Aidan awakes feeling his heart beat only to see Sally go pale and start to fade away. She has just enough time to say goodbye to everyone until she disintegrates. Realizing that Sally is gone, Ramona throws a supernatural tantrum that causes the windows to blow out of the house. Aidan, Josh and Nora are able to escape the house in the aftermath. The trio holds up and has a moment to come to terms with Sally's sacrifice. Aidan tells Josh and Nora that he'll be moving out to

Being Human Season 4 (Season to Date)

It turns out that SyFy's "Being Human" is in its final season. This has been one of my favorite TV shows over the past few years and I'll be sad to see it go, but it seems that the show is gearing up to end in the same solid form it's carried on through its entire run. While aspects of the show could be considered cliche, due to the flood of Vampire/Werewolf based movies and shows that have hit the air over the past 10+ years, the thing that's always made this show stand out to me is the cast and the writers ability to consistently link stories together in a way that makes it feel like there's never really a lull in the action. Even saying that, I'd hesitate to even attempt to define this show as unoriginal (ignoring the fact that it's based on a British show of the same name). Currently, all of the primary characters are dealing with some major family issues. Aidan's newly discovered vampire wife has come back into his life and is trying to detox him while also dealing with the 200 year old burden of murdering their son after being turned. On top of that she's still in hiding from Aidan's son after murdering a significant portion of the new vampire population in the area due to her hatred of her own kind. Josh and Nora are dealing with Josh's new unknown supernatural state as some kind of magical unstable werewolf that can

Being Human is Back and picking up right where it left off

I watch a lot of different things so I'm not always up-to-date on the schedules of individual shows, especially when they're on Networks I don't watch a lot. Because of that, I was completely (and pleasantly) surprised that the 3rd season of "Being Human" began airing a couple of weeks ago. If not for my DVR I probably would've missed it completely, which would've been a travesty. I can tell that Being Human has become one of my favorite shows on TV right now. I realized this when I saw the first episode of the new season on my DVR and immediately remembered everything that had happened in the previous seasons without having to bring myself up to date by re-watching old episodes or reading a synopsis of the previous season. That being said, I would've gladly re-watched this show (I'll probably end up getting the complete series whenever it's released on DVD). The 3rd season picks up months after the season 2 finale, which saw each of the 3 main characters experiencing life-altering events. The end result is that Aiden has been buried underground for over a year and is starting to go crazy; Sally has trapped herself in Limbo and is constantly reliving an attempt to escape from Limbo; and Josh has been cured of his wolf (because he smashed Ray's head in with a rock). Thankfully, we get to skip the time period in the interim and jump right to the point when the group starts to re-unite itself.