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Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice

Zack Snyder's followup to Man of Steel was tasked with continuing the story from that movie and bridging the gap to a Justice League movie and an expanded DC Cinematic Universe. On top of that, it had to introduce Lex Luthor, Batman and Wonderwoman. Then, amongst all of that it had to still try to be a good movie. That may have been too much to ask for any movie. It definitely was for this one. 6364

Gotham: Lovecraft – Episode 10

Seems like there's moles everywhere in Gotham. Falcone's trying to find the mole that gave up the location of his vault. Meanwhile, Gordon has to figure out if there's a mole that gave up Selina's identity after Dent released his anonymous tip. 1764

Gotham: Harvey Dent – Episode 9

Hey, remember when Gordon told Bruce he was going to find his parents killer? Apparently, the show has remembered as well and, in this week's episode, he gets help from an assistant DA that Allen and Montoya tell him that he can trust. 1717

Gotham: The Mask – Episode 8

After being given a pass by Flacone, Gordon and Bullock have another bizarre murder to solve. Meanwhile, Penguin continues to advance Falcone's plan to manipulate Fish and Maroni and comes up with a plan to find out what Fish is up to. 1657

Gotham: Viper – Episode 5

A new drug hits the streets of Gotham. It briefly grants its users superhuman strength but decomposes their bodies. Meanwhile, the Falcone/Maroni confrontation gets closer to a boiling point and Penguin makes a move to get into the middle of the action. 1465

Gotham: Arkham – Episode 4

After last week's cartoon-ish killer, this week's Gotham features an assassin with a more gruesome killing style. He's been brought in to influence the battle over one of Gotham's most famous locations. 1420