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Thor: The Dark World

It's that time again! Time for another installment into the new Marvel Movie Universe continuity. Thor 2 has all of the elements you love from the Marvel Movies: action, witty banter, comedy, and a general feel good atmosphere. However, this one also tries to mix in a little bit of a dark tone (I know, I know, big surprise right). In this second installment we return to Asgard and the other realms with a more mature Thor having to deal with the fallout caused by the events of the first Thor film as well as the events of the Avengers  (like putting Loki in jail). Conveniently, the Bifrost has been repaired (and seemingly everything else as well) so Thor is running around restoring order to the realms by doing what he does best: fighting. Meanwhile, on Earth, Natalie Port...I mean Jane Foster has spent the last couple of years searching for Thor and has begun to stumble on phenomena related to "The Convergence" a multi-dimensional cosmic event. During her research she stumbles upon the Aether, which is an infinity stone and the primary weapon of a Dark Elf defeated by Odin's father (Thor's grandpa). Of course Jane touches the Aether and absorbs it and wakes up the Dark Elf, Malekith who's primary objective is destroying Asgard. That's pretty much the set-up of the movie. It was interesting to me that the movie really doesn't do too much in the way of trying to connect the dots from the previous movies. Honestly, after