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Archer: Vice – Season 5

After numerous monumental screw-ups, the gang at ISIS found themselves out of the spy game. Ironically, not directly because of any of those screw ups (like Mallory faking a H-bomb) but because Mallory has been running ISIS with no authorization or permission from the US Government. In the first episode of the season, the FBI raids ISIS, kills Brett (who "died doing what he loved to do: getting shot") and ends up cutting a deal with Mallory to let the team go in favor of forfeiting the company. Fortunately, they are sitting on a stockpile of cocaine (a "literal tonne of cocaine") that they accumulated from previous missions that they can use to start up a new business endeavor. So, of course, the reasonable thing for them to do is go on a bunch of misadventures trying to sell their cocaine stash for profit. When Archer envisions everything that's going to happen all he can say is "Archer: Vice". As the story progresses the cocaine trade doesn't go smoothly for the former spies. They start off by having to set up shop in Carol/Cheryl's mansion and have to try to find a buyer for their stash. Using their previous contacts they set up a deal with an old associate: Ramon Limon (Ron Perlman), only to be duped by Ramon and the team of Charles (Thomas Lennon) and Rudy (Robert Ben Garant). On top of that, they get Pam addicted to cocaine in the process and she ends up hulk-ing out and