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Baby Driver (2017)

With a living soundtrack and slick choreographed action, Baby Driver is a much better movie than it's silly name would suggest. It's been one of the most refreshing, enjoyable movies I've seen this year. 7723

Paper Towns

From the mind that brought you The Fault in Our Stars comes another YA a movie with a twist. 4357

The Fault in Our Stars

For months I've heard about this heart-wrenching novel about with a cancer ridden protagonist. The Fault In Our Stars, written by  best selling author (and internet celebrity), John Green, has now made it to big screen. I have finally experienced the story that has left several friends of mine in tears. While I can't say that I left the theater weeping, I can say that I get it. The story of TFIOS is told from the perspective of Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley). Hazel is a 17 year old girl who has terminal lung cancer. She was diagnosed with it when she was 13 and has been living with it since, having to carry around an oxygen machine to assist her breathing. When Hazel is encouraged to go to a support group, she meets Augustus 'Gus' Waters (Ansel Elgort) who is there supporting his friend Isaac (Nat Wolff). Gus is a cancer survivor but lost his leg during the course of his treatment. He has an incredibly positive disposition and is immediately drawn to Hazel. He pursues her and the two end up kind of dating before Hazel pushes him away for fear of hurting him when she dies. However, Gus continues to pursue her and ends up using his "Make A Wish" wish to get himself and Hazel a trip to Amsterdam in order to meet a writer that they both admire. While on this trip the  truly start a relationship but, with cancer looming over them, they (and the audience) are constantly