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These are the intrepid members of #TeamProgmonot. It’s comprised of Top Men and Women who share some degree of motivation to put content out into the digital universe.


Main Team

ProgmonotSmallFormerly the pseudonym for one of our team members, this is now the hub where everyone’s stuff is aggregated together.
Lydia P. Flowers
Manager and occasional editorial writer. Her handle, “Over Oracle”, is a combination of “Overwatch” and “Oracle”. Kind of like our own Felicity Smoak.
Sidney Darke
casual otakuWe found Sid doing anime write-ups over at He took a step back from the amount of writing he was doing over there and joined forces with us. Now, he’s doing larger write-ups on anime arcs and seasons for us.
Reychel Tyler
We were thinking that it’d be nice to have someone a little bit more focused on movies. Someone who could take us outside the world of the comic-book movie (but not too far outside). Right on cue, we found Rey. A positive spirit who loves to spend her spare time at the cinema.
Jamie Vera
notareviewerLike Sid, Jamie was writing for another site ( He was also helping with a lot of the content for this site from behind the scenes. Now, he’s here full time seeing to our TV content. You can see from the TV Shows page, that that’s a lot to handle.
Edward Allen
critical scrollEdward was a later addition to the team. He’ll be handling content related to gaming and, perhaps, chipping in other places.

Adjunct Members

nonglishWhat does a little stick-figure webcomic have to do with Team Progmonot? Not much, conceptually. Even so, the forces behind this comic are a big reason that Progmonot exists.
Sound Arguments Podcast
Our friends over at the Sound Arguments Podcast occasionally jump over here to talk about music.