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Luke Cage: Diamondback (Episodes 9-13)

Despite trying to live a life of anonymity, Luke Cage can't turn his back on the forces that are corrupting Harlem. Episodes 9 - 13: 9: DWYCK 10: Take It Personal 11: Now You're Mine 12: Soliloquy of Chaos 13: You Know My Steez 6995

Luke Cage: Cottonmouth (Episodes 1-8)

Despite trying to live a life of anonymity, Luke Cage can't turn his back on the forces that are corrupting Harlem. Episodes 1 - 8: 1: Moment of Truth 2: Code of the Streets 3: Who's Gonna Take the Weight 4: Step in the Arena 5: Just to Get a Rep 6: Suckas Need Bodyguards 7: Manifest 8: Blowin' Up the Spot 6989

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 : The Truth (episodes 12-13)

The truth behind the murder of Frank Castle's family and Elektra's involvement with stick are both revealed. Episodes 12 - 13: 12: The Dark at the End of the Tunnel 13: A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen 6903

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 : The Blacksmith (episodes 9-11)

After Frank Castle's trial and the intervention of Stick and Elektra, Wilson Fisk re-enters the story. Episodes 9-11: 9: Seven Minutes in Heaven 10: The Man in the Box 11: .380 6345

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 : Elektra and the Trial of Frank Castle (episodes 5-8)

Episodes 5-8: 5: Kinbaku 6: Regrets Only 7: Semper Fidelis 8: Guilty as Sin With Elektra in town and Nelson & Murdock facing their biggest trial ever, Matt struggles to balance his double life. 6340

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 : The Punisher (episodes 1-4)

Episodes 1-4: 1: Bang 2: Dogs to a Gunfight 3: New York's Finest 4: Penny and Dime A new vigilante has shown up in Hell's Kitchen. This one doesn't seem to value human life as much as Daredevil. 6338

Marvel’s Daredevil: The Daredevil and The Kingpin (episodes 12-13)

Episodes 12 and 13: 12: The Ones We Leave Behind 13: Daredevil Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock no longer have the luxury of contemplating their lot in life. With Fisk's "Better Tomorrow" plan about to come into fruition and losses piling up around each of them, the two combatants are forced into a final showdown. 6878

Marvel’s Daredevil: Searching for the Devil (episodes 8-11)

Episodes 8-11: 8: Shadows in the Glass 9: Speak of the Devil 10: Nelson v. Murdock 11: The Path of the Righteous After the war with the Russians, both Murdock and Fisk have to look within themselves and plan for what's to come next. 6858

Marvel’s Daredevil: War and the Devil (episodes 5-7)

Episodes 5-7: 5: World On Fire 6: Condemned 7: Stick Fisk frames the vigilante for the death of Anatoly Ranskahov. Enraged by the death of his brother, Vladimir mobilizes all of his forces to take out the vigilante of Hell's Kitchen. However, there is more going on than either of them realize. 6854

Marvel’s Daredevil: Hell’s Kitchen (episodes 2-4)

The next few episodes of Daredevil see Matt Murdock having to deal with the repercussions of the actions of criminals that were shown at the end of episode 1. 6849