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The Flash: Paradox – Season 3 Episode 2

Barry starts to learn the full repercussions of resetting the timeline and, of course, he immediately starts trying to fix things. 7681

Arrow: Human Target – Season 5 Episode 5

While Church tortures Rene for information, Team Arrow (with the newly freed John Diggle) uses all their resources to find Rene. 7653

Arrow: Penance – Season 5 Episode 4

At Lyla's request, Oliver goes to extract Diggle from prison, leaving his new team to fend for themselves against Tobias Church. 7644

Agents of SHIELD: The Return – Season 4 Episode 21

Everyone is reacting to the recent return of the SHIELD agents from the Framework, but there's no smooth sailing. There are three immediate situations being addressed when the episode opens: The Zephyr, Ivanov's base and ... the beach. 7926