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Spring 2014 Shows

With almost two months gone for shows in the Spring 2014 season, most people have probably figured out what they will or won't be continuing to watch. I have been, admittedly, slow out of the gate with this season because I was wrapping stuff up from previous season of anime as well as catching up to things on American TV. Now that that's passed I'm finally free to dive into the shows of this season to see what caught my attention. Before I get into the list I should mention that long running shows like Fairy Tale or shows that are a continuation of a series like Love Live! and La corda d'oro aren't mentioned because I haven't watched the preceding material, so I wasn't going to jump into those. With that in mind, here's a brief rundown of my very initial reactions to the shows of Spring 2014. High Interest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. In an earlier post I wrote about the Battle Tendency and Phantom Blood story arcs of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I had mentioned that I enjoyed Battle Tendancy less than Phantom Blood and I'm afraid that the 3rd arc is going to take me in the same direction. That being said, it still looks like it could be a good show. I just don't know how I feel about "Stands" taking over for the Hamon based fighting. No Game, No Life I'm actually 3 episodes in to this one. This feels like it would be attractive to people who

Returning Fall Comedies

Along with several new shows premiering this fall also marks the return of several celebrated comedies to the TV landscape. Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, New Girl and The Big Bang Theory are all proven powerhouses in the TV comedy arena. Thankfully, we can enjoy all of them as they come back for their new seasons. New Girl While Fox's "New Girl" may be the youngest of the group, it may be quickly becoming the best of the bunch. The show opened up the season having Nick and Jess christen their relationship with an impromptu trip to Mexico and Schmidt having to deal with the ultimatum put before him by CeCe and Elizabeth. I absolutely, love what they did with the two-timing Schmidt story line. It is a TV trope and had the ability to become a predictable weak spot for the show. Instead it turned into a great platform to showcase Schmidt in a lot of different lights. Even when things eventually fall apart, Schmidt doesn't really react how I expected him to. My first thought was, "Oh, great now we're gonna have to deal with sad Schmidt for a few episodes." Much to my surprise, it actually means we're going to get vindictive Schmidt coupled with paranoid Nick and Jess, and if the last scene from the 3rd episode is any indication. I'm going to enjoy this a lot. I'm also glad to see that the first few episodes have involved Winston a bit more, even it the first thing he did

My Top 7 Breaking Bad Moments

There are 3 episodes left of AMC's hit show, "Breaking Bad". This has been one of my favorite shows since I picked it up 3 years ago. It's smart, engaging and gives you just a ton of stuff to talk and speculate about. Even with the new season running I've avoided writing anything about it because there's just too much to say. However, with end of the series looming I've decided to write about my 7 favorite moments from Breaking Bad. Since, you  know, 7 is the number of completion...that's a normal thing right? Oh, also, minor spoilers ahead if you haven't caught up with the current season. But really you should've caught up by now ;). #7 The Death of Gus Gus Fring seemed to be the perfect nemesis for Walter White. Every bit as intelligent and calculating as Walt and with lots more resources and experience. His entire plot line is worth the price of  admission on this show. He starts out as Walt's employer and benefactor but, eventually the two are at odds. And, as we know, when you're at odds with Heisenburg, eventually you end up dead. Ultimately, Walt sets a trap that kills two of the men that are the biggest threats to him. #6 The Tarantula Kid Out of all the "villains" that Breaking Bad has introduced, Todd is easily the most unsettling. At first, I wasn't really sure why, he seemed like a normal enough kid (well for this situation). He showed up, followed orders, and seemed to

In Defense of "Man of Steel"

So, I finally saw "Man of Steel". This movie has been much maligned by critics of both movies and comic books, but the average movie goer that I'd talked to seem to really like the movie. So, I was very curious to see what I would experience when I went in to see this movie. My overall impression is this: "In general, it's a decent movie that has strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, it's probably the best live action Superman movie we've seen in a long time (and maybe ever)." 226

DVR Dump April 2013

A lot of the shows that I watch where on a break or had inconsistent scheduling during the month of April. Either that or I just didn't have time to catch up to them. I had wanted to get caught up enough to where I could start doing reviews of certain shows on a per-episode basis. However, with all that and seasons winding down for most shows, I figured that it would be best to just do some little brief reviews of all the shows that are currently stock-piled on my DVR right now and start fresh from there. The Americans This show has revealed itself as one part spy drama and one part soap opera. The show is good, but it feels like it gets in the way of itself with some of the relationship drama. To me, the show is at it's best when it's dealing with the spies doing their jobs. I love the Stan Beeman character, especially when he's on his vindictive rampage. I also really enjoy the kind of blind cat and mouse between the CIA and KGB. I do not, however, enjoy any of the domestic relationship drama that they've introduced into the show, especially between the KGB agents Phillip and Elizabeth. I understand that it adds complexity to the relationships that they have to form as spies, but it doesn't feel believable at all and wreaks more of teen angst and indecision than of the reactions of trained spies. As the show approaches its season

Favorite Quotes

No, I'm not going to quote Confucius, but I may quote Tatewaki Kuno quoting Confucius. These are some quotes of choice from different anime that I have seen over the years: 3515