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Marvel’s The Defenders: Season 1

Marvel's Netflix series has finally arrived, bringing together four notable franchises. 7860

Catching up on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD before Season 5

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (AoS) has gone through its ups and downs over the past four seasons. With the 5th season of the show coming up, I decided to sit down, re-watch and re-hash the first four seasons of the sometimes forgotten branch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 7846

The Flash: Invasion! – Season 3 Episode 8

Wally's powers have arrived just in time for the annual Supergirl/Flash/Arrow crossover. 7942

Arrow: Invasion! – Season 5 Episode 8

As a part of the CW series crossover event, Oliver and Company (his friends, not the Disney animated movie) find themselves in a dream world. 7949

Friends From College

Featuring Keegan-Michael Key and Fred Savage, this Netflix series takesĀ  a comedic look at the intertwined lives of friends from Harvard as they reunite in their 40's. Backed by a nostalgic 90's soundtrack, the series explores the complications of (among other things) marrying your past with your present. 7754