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K – Episode 4 – Knock-on Effect

So at this point I guess the gimmick is that all the episode titles are going to start with the letter K. That’s cool. I mean, it’s nice to have a theme I suppose. The other gimmick or schtick in the show seems to be these rolling, talking, garbage cans that seem to act a scene breaks and comic relief. So far I don’t think anyone’s even said what they’re called (it’s very possible they did and I just wasn’t paying attention because they’re not important). But that’s enough about schtick, I guess I should talk about the episode.

This episode seems like it’s going to be the start of the regular mode of operation for the show. Kuroh and Neko are introduced, rather unceremoniously, as transfer students and everyone just seems to go with it. This is odd for several reasons, not the least of which is that Neko transforms from a cat to a girl within the immediate vicinity of several students and no one seems to notice/care. I guess the only consolation is that she materializes wearing clothes. Otherwise, most of this episode is spent with Shiro trying to provide an alibi to Kuroh for his whereabouts on the night of the murder. Meanwhile SCEPTER 4 and HOMRA both close in on Shiro’s location at his school.

As much as I seemed like I didn’t want Kuroh and Shiro to end up working together, I do think that their interactions are the highlight of the episode. I especially enjoyed the parts where Shiro referenced Kuroh as his “wife” to which Kuroh responded by threatening to cut his tongue out (which is understandable). This is episode actually reminds me a lot of a Samurai Champloo episode (and that’s the 2nd reference to that show I’ve made in just the first 4 episodes). It probably doesn’t help that Kuroh spends most of the episode actually dressed as a samurai with a blue top and black bottoms. I mean really, all he needs is some glasses. But it’s also the whole replaying the same scene over from different angles along with the whole party of three thing. I know that Champloo wasn’t the first show to do that, but it just feels more like that one.

Ultimately, Kukuri (Shiro’s female classmate) provides him with an alibi for that night. He was in the gym within the hour the crime was committed (according to the video footage). So, just like that everyone can get along. But just when you thought things were gonna get boring, Shiro has a flashback to the night on the roof and finds bloody clothes in his locker. Oh, also, two of the guys from HOMRA have showed up and are ready to throw down.

So this really just leaves me with a bunch of questions:

  • Does Shiro have some kind of split personality thing happening or maybe selective amnesia?
  • Shiro seems to be a genuinely good person and seems to be legitimately surprised that he might actually be the killer, so is it possible that this is all a set-up if he doesn’t have some mental issue?
  • Neko claims she’s always been with Shiro since they met and she’s noticeably absent from the video, so is she lying to protect him or did something happen to her too?
  • Why does the voice of Tatara Tosuka (the murder king) sound more like Shiro than Shiro’s voice in the video?
  • Is Shiro gonna actually try to deceive Kuroh and work this out on his own or is he going to continue to be too upstanding for his own good and tell him about the bloody clothes?

So many questions and no answers yet :-/ but there’s always next episode. I started watching this show when 11 episodes had been released. I feel like I’m not gonna be happy when I catch up and actually have to wait for the next episode :(.