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Sword Art Online II – Episode 20 : Sleeping Knights

Zekken brings Asuna to meet her guild, Sleeping Knights. While Asuna considers their request, she also has to deal with her mother threatening to take her game away from  her.

Zekken aka Yuuki is the leader of the Sleeping Knights. Their guild wants Asuna to join them in taking down the boss on the game’s current floor. This is absurd because boss’ are usually taken down by parties of 49 players. So doing it with 7 sounds really difficult no matter how strong these players actually are. They tell Asuna that the reason for the quest is that their guild will only be able to be together for a few more months. Before they have to break up, they want to get their names on the Swordsman’s Memorial. The problem is, if they joined up as part of a larger group, only the leader’s name would appear. That’s why they want to do this with only their party. That’s also why Yuuki was fighting the duels, to find another player as strong as her. They had tried with just the 6 of them but had always been beaten out by larger guilds while trying to optimize their attack strategy. Asuna decides that trying something like this should be fun and agrees to help.


Just as she’s done saying goodbye to everyone, she jerked back into the real world because her mother has pulled the plug. The urgent reason for this is that Asuna is a whopping, 5 minutes late for dinner. Her mother also couldn’t spare another 5 minutes to wake her up normally. She lays into Asuna once again for indulging in the game and tells her that another rule violation will result in her losing the game. Asuna loses her appetite and her mother leaves without even actually caring if she eats. Asuna then goes outside and mopes while looking at her phone contacts.


She’s still a little distracted the next day when she meets up with the Sleeping Knights to plan, but they put together a plan and make it to the boss room. On their way there, they run into a small group of 3 players, who are hiding. Asuna believes they’re PKers, but they insist that they’re just waiting on someone. After the Sleeping Knights take their first crack at the boss, Asuna realizes that those players were actually scouts for a guild that specialized in fighting bosses. They used a spell called peeping to watch the Sleeping Knights fight in order to learn how to beat the boss. Asuna realizes that that’s why they keep getting beaten to defeating the bosses. Still, because they’re small they should have the time to formulate a plan and get to the boss before the other guild can gather. However, when they get back to the room, the other guild players refuse to let them enter, leaving Yuuki with no choice but to fight them. Just as they’re being surrounded by the entire guild, Kirito appears and stands between the guild and the Sleeping Knights. If only Asuna’s mom was there to see him acting all cool and stuff.

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Episode Rating C