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Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 19 : Kill the Fate

It’s time for a grudge match as Tatsumi and Mine encounter Seryu, who was the one that killed Sheele earlier in the series.

With 3 of the 4 Demons taken out and information gathered, Night Raid is prepared to make their final attack on Borick. Mine and Tatsumi are sent into the city in disguise and lured to the edge of town where they’re confronted by Seryu and the last of the Demons. Susanoo and Leone make a frontal assault on Borick’s hideout and end up encountering a still weakened Kurome and Wave, who ends up protecting her. Najenda confronts Esdeath from the shadows and reveals that the plan was never to make a frontal assault. She predicted that Borick would flee (which he did) and she had Akame and Lubbock waiting for him to make the kill. With the target neutralized, everyone withdraws.


The real feature of this episode was the fight between Mine and Seryu. The rematch from the earlier encounter that resulted in Sheele’s death. Tatsumi is separated from Mine by his fight with the Demon, which leaves Mine 2-on-1 against Seryu and Coro (her dog-like Imperial Arms). That plays into Mine’s hands as the disadvantage makes Pumpkin (her Imperial Arms) more powerful. During the fight (which is probably one of the better ones in the series so far) both of them take a lot of damage. Mine is eventually able to cut Coro and Seryu in half with an extended beam from her gun. Seryu sets off a self-destruct device in her head and Mine can’t escape because of damage to her leg. Tatsumi defeats his opponent (who was outclassing him) by luring her into a building and collapsing it on her. That gives him enough time to make it back and save Mine from the explosion. After the fight, Mine admits to herself that she has feelings for Tatsumi.

Akame-ga-kill-s1e19-Tatsumi-vs-Demon Akame-ga-kill-s1e19-Seryu-Mine Akame-ga-kill-s1e19-Mine-Pumpkin-slice-Seryu Akame-ga-kill-s1e19-Mine-Tatsumi-rescue

Other Stuff:

  • Susanoo makes everyone’s favorite dish at the beginning of the episode. Tatsumi gets a kids meal since he didn’t specify anything.
  • They draw Esdeath in her dominatrix pose again as she jabs her heel into Borick’s eye, while giving him instructions.