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Suits: Two In The Knees – Season 4 Episode 3

This season continues to jump to all the things I expect them to way before I expect them to. In the last episode it was Logan and Mike’s pissing contest. This episode it was the fact that Mike’s secret is once again causing some issues for Harvey. I also definitely didn’t expect the whole gay relationship paranoia between Louis and Jeff.


Poor Louis is now caught up between the games that Jeff is playing with Jessica. Jeff tells him that the guy who’s coming for him at the SEC hates him and that he needs Jessica to run interference. Louis beseeches Jessica to help Jeff on his behalf. Jessica agrees only to find out that Jeff is purposely using this as a ploy to get them to work together. She counters by bringing Louis in to their initial meeting as a 3rd vote. Jeff proceeds to try to win favor with Louis while continuing to throw double entendre at Jessica. Louis misinterprets this as Jeff being attracted to him, a notion that Donna does not dissuade him of. When Louis gets uncomfortable around Jeff, he plays along with it and uses that as another excuse to have Jessica step in and help him go over evidence. This time he gets what he wants and he and Jessica spend time together but also find an important piece of evidence for their case. The two start to get close but Jessica still won’t get with him and tells him how important it is to her as a woman to not have her position compromised. The next day Louis confronts Jeff because he’s figured out that Jeff was lying to him to get to Jessica so he could sleep his way to the top. Jeff objects but can’t tell Louis that he and Jessica had a preexisting relationship without compromising her in the exact way that she feared so he lets Louis leave angry at him. At the end of the episode, he tells Jessica that the SEC investigation is finally starting and the two prepare to start the fight.

In the show’s major story line things get ugly as Logan wants Harvey to hit Mike “below the belt”. He gives him an ultimatum that either Harvey digs up dirt on Mike and uses it or he will do it himself. Of course, Harvey knows that this means that Logan could find out about Mike’s BIG secret, which would ruin his life. So, too avoid a full investigation, Harvey goes to Walter Gillis and tells him that Mike was a drug dealer. Apparently, drugs were involved in the death of Gillis’ son. Despite Mike’s warning that this is exactly what Harvey intended, Gillis breaks ties with Mike. This escalates things for everyone. Mike has his people start looking deeply into Logan and he takes a personal shot at Harvey.

Earlier in the episode, Donna told Mike that Harvey had found some recordings made by his late father, Gordon Specter. Mike had obtained those recordings, although it’s not clear why he did it initially. He goes to confront Harvey about the personal attack he made on him and Harvey defends himself saying that he shot Mike in the knee to avoid shooting him in the face (metaphorically, of course). This doesn’t ease Mike’s anger and the two get into a heated argument. In an attempt to fire back at Harvey, Mike obtains the records and basically holds them hostage.

It’s the exact kind of thing that Donna had told Mike she was afraid would happen. The two appear to be going down a path that will lead each other toward hatred. On top of all of that, Logan is still going to investigate Mike if he doesn’t sign a document stating that he’s giving up on the take over. Harvey goes to tell Mike he needs to give up but Donna tries to flag Harvey down to let him know that he’s behaving like an ass and that Mike won’t listen to him right now. She manages to get through to him a little bit and Harvey decides to send Rachel to Mike to deliver an offer.

When Rachel gets home, she never makes the pitch.┬áMike’s search has also turned up some information about Rachel, who had previously told him that she ended things with Logan. His research into Logan reveals testimony from Rachel that Logan was the one who ended the relationship. Mike is concerned about the reason that Rachel lied to him. Rachel tells him that she did it in order to help Logan reconcile his marriage. Mike forgives Rachel for this and Rachel decides to take matters into her own hands. She goes to see Logan directly and tells him to lay off the personal attacks on Mike because Logan owes her for lying for him during his divorce proceedings. Logan agrees and goes to tell Mike but when Mike presses him for the real reason that he’s deciding to take the high road, he tells Mike that it’s because he doesn’t want to hurt Rachel.

At the end of the episode Mike returns the recordings to Harvey via Rachel. He also goes to see Gillis in order to convince him that he’s still on his side. Even though he won’t hear the whole story, Gillis does not change his opinion Mike. Despite that Mike has continued to buy stock in the company and says that he’s going to continue to fight for the company with or without Gillis.

Favorite Moments

  1. Jeff: “Well, you didn’t bring me in here for my genetically superior bone structure did you”
  2. Harvey: “The same way we bill everything, say it took twice as long as it did”
  3. Louis’ growling yell at Jeff when he confronts him about the reason he lied to him
  4. That long stare down between Mike and Logan after he tells him why he’s backing off
  5. Mike and Harvey’s knock down drag-out argument


This episode was a real education into just how far Mike could go if he’s pushed. I completely understood Harvey’s plan to expose one secret of Mike’s in order to keep his bigger secret. I was really surprised that Mike would even consider doing something as personal as taking Harvey’s father’s recordings. For someone like Mike who seems to pride himself on doing the right thing it seemed borderline out of character. However, as Harvey pointed out during their argument, Mike has gone along with Harvey on some of the underhanded business he did when he was at Pearson Specter. So maybe Mike’s morality isn’t as absolute as he seems to think it is.

I also don’t buy Harvey’s platform that what he did was to help Mike. I do believe that he felt like what he did was the better option for Mike but I also believe he felt like it was better for him. Even though Logan was investigating Mike there’s no way that Mike’s secret being uncovered wasn’t going to have a negative effect on Harvey and the whole firm. It just seemed odd to me that they never acknowledged that during the episode. It’s also interesting to me that Harvey’s caused Mike to get shut out by Gillis in a similar fashion to the way Mike was black balled from practicing law. I wonder if he’ll try to find a similarly dishonest workaround.

Even with all of this stuff in the past, Mike’s take over seems like it’s on life support. Right now the only advantage he has is that he can buy stock in the company while Logan’s prohibited from doing so. I doubt that can last very long since Sidwell has been losing patience with Mike and doesn’t want to sink money into this deal. It’ll be interesting to see if Mike can come up with a move without Gillis backing him.

Then there’s Jeff and Louis. I think we all new that they weren’t going to be able to get along but I feel for Louis that he’s once again been legitimately wronged. Jeff admitted that he was using Louis. While it turned out that he was a very noble and upstanding guy in a lot of his interactions with Jessica and his work this episode, he really did just treat Louis with no consideration. During the first episode I pointed out that Louis isn’t the kind of guy you want working against you and it seems like Jeff has planted Louis firmly in that position. Even though the show’s tried to make this seem like a noble sacrifice by having Jeff choose Louis’ wrath over divulging Jessica’s relationship with him, I can’t forget that this all could’ve been avoided if Jeff had just not played games with Louis to begin with. I have a bad feeling that he’s about to get…and I can’t believe I’m going to say this…Litt up.

Episode Grade: A